Recent Walk in Wardrobe Fitted

A recent walk in wardrobe that we fitted really helped to make use of small spaces to organise your clothes, shoes, and accessories. This design of this walk in wardrobe is easily accessible and fits in perfectly to the space that was available. Our team can help with the design and layout to help ensure that not only is the wardrobe is stylish but also multi-functional and can be easy to access.

The light colour scheme of the wardrobe kept the room looking bright, airy and contemporary. This open plan look, with simple clean lines, makes it easy to see and access clothes or accessories that you need.

We also included a storage unit under a Velux window. Our sliding-door storage unit helped to take advantage of all nooks and crannies available within that space while still looking clean and stylish.

If you have a small space you would like to turn into a walk in wardrobe – contact us today.

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