Maximise Space and Storage

Maximising space and storage is really important in a bedroom. When we visit a house, we note the size  of the room, where best to have the bed while providing easy access around the room. Our wardrobes, vanity/study/play station desks etc, are all bespoke so we can easily fit proper storage into the room maximising our wardrobes, study/vanity/playstations to their full potential in the space provided.

Below are two recent examples of fittings that made the most of the space in the room.

In this project – Material used New York Oak – both units matching.  Komandor sliding doors system ISO 9001 & Mirror. 10 year guarantee.

Desk / Play Station Maximise Space

Picture 1 – The desk was designed to fit into the angled space.

It is a bespoke  study / play station desk.  On the left side, nearest the window we have open doors and shelves  inside.  The desk has 2 accessory trays for storage. There is  great counter space and above storage for school book,folders and then the TV screen  sits comfortably.

Sliding Wardrobe Carrickmacross, Monaghan Dundalk LouthPicture 2 – Sliding door wardrobe fitted floor to ceiling
Middle door mirrored.  Double hanged, drawers, folding inside. as per client requirements.
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