Hot Trends – Quartz Worktops

Why choose quartz over other surface options including stone, granite and marble:

It’s tough 
Quartz is one of nature’s hardest materials. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which is based on the ability of one natural sample of mineral to scratch another mineral visibly, quartz scores 7 compared to marble which scores 3-4. Diamond is 10 and chalk is 1. That means quartz surfaces are amongst the most durable surfaces available, a vital quality when it comes to areas as well utilised as the kitchen. A worktop that is scratch and stain resistant will keep your kitchen or bathroom looking beautiful for many years to come.

Nature enhanced
Caesarstone tested its quartz products against marble and granite for impact strength, flexibility strength, compression and water absorption and they outperformed both marble and granite in all areas tested, confirming the supremacy of quartz when it comes to durability and being virtually non-porous. While granite and marble work tops generally need to be sealed and are more prone to marks and scratching, quartz does not need to be sealed by artificial means.

Design versatility
High quality, premium-engineered quartz surfaces offer product consistency, a wide range of colours and designs (Caesarstone UK offers a choice of 44) and finishes simply not possible with natural stone.
High quality quartz can be cut to fit nearly any space, is extremely adaptable and available in differing thicknesses. This makes quartz ideal for a range of surface applications from kitchen and bathroom worktops, to floors, splashback and wall coverings.
Unlike granite and marble, Caesarstone quartz, can even be curved using a thermal process, opening up a vast range of design options.  The higher the quality of the quartz, the easier it is for the fabricator to work with and the better the look and feel of the finished result.

Easy maintenance, more hygienic 
Not only does quartz last longer than almost all other surface options, it is easier to maintain, clean and keep looking good for longer. Quartz doesn’t need sealing, treating, polishing or any other form of maintenance, except a simple wipe clean with household detergent and warm water.

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